Hawkstar 45

Prism-based target

The Hawkstar prism-based target has one reflective focal point, designed so that it does not have to be re- targeted. The British-designed track monitoring target produces high quality data and costs significantly less than existing prism-based targets.

  • It’s unique features include a prism.
  • 2 highly reflective target areas.
  • Precision, economic design.
  • Removable back plate.
  • Works with Bullhead and Flat-bottom rail types.
  • Designed for Web and Foot mounting.
  • Low cost.
  • Secured to the rail web using a wet grab adhesive.
  • Backplate can be purchased separately.

Download the Data Sheet 12 pdf and Data Sheet 25 pdf here.

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“L&M Surveys recently had a requirement for structural monitoring where the accuracy required was greater than normally achievable with a standard retro target. Having researched the various prisms on the market we came across the Hawkstar 180. The rotatable prisms, detachable base plate & the option of glue or magnetic mount met all the requirements for our works. Our monitoring set up utilised multiple prisms across the structure & various distances from our set up location. The prisms performed well & allow us to achieve the required accuracy for the project. James was a pleasure to deal with & we will return for our next batch when needed.”
Stuart McManus
Company Survey Manager