Providing a highly competitive service …

… since 2003

Since 2003 We have been manufacturing and supplying quality track monitoring targets to the Network rail infrastructure.

We also supply personnel to perform Track monitoring, survey functions and Handback engineering using EDM, Total Station and other specialised rail and track survey tools.

With years of track side knowledge and experience, we are professionals with a valuable insight into the processes of our Clients. With this broad experience, we have been involved with, and had exposure to, all aspects of the track monitoring function.

Processes like embankment re-grades, thrust boring and directional drilling all now involve some aspect of track monitoring, both prior to, during, and after the main elements of the work have been completed. We deal with complex situations within diverse cultures in a fast-moving, highly competitive market, both in the UK and abroad.

with organisations who have accepted change in order to stay ahead.

With a new implementation of electrification in the UK, the High Speed rail projects, expansion and modernisation of the Rail network in Britain, we have a lot to offer.

Key points
We are a fast moving and dynamic company Reduction of Client costs by using modern technology, and fewer personnel.
Worker safety
Site security
Integrated service

Through our associates we offer a full service of qualified personnel equipment and compliance documentation.

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