Making sure we stay safely on track.

We specialise in the manufacture and supply of quality track monitoring targets to the Network Rail infrastructure. We also supply highly skilled personnel to perform track monitoring, surveying functions and handback engineering using EDM, Total Station and other specialised rail and track survey tools.

Hawkstar 45
We design, manufacture and supply a range of surveying targets used in the Rail industry to monitor and assess track alignment, safety and usability… More details
Hawkstar 180
The Hawkstar 180 prism-based target has one reflective focal point, designed so that is does not have to be re-targeted… More details
Web Rail
The Web Rail target has been designed as a single piece unit, manufactured to be a lightweight, easy to use, highly reflective and accurate surveying target… More details
Flat Bottom
The Flat Bottom target basically consists of two components – the base which adheres to the track foot and a support stem which plugs into the base… More details
Retro target labels are highly reflective, weatherresistant, self-adhesive ‘labels’ available in different sizes. They can be applied to a wide range of surfaces… More details