Underground mapping and surveying

Geo-Info are specialist surveyors, specialising in underground mapping and surveying. With a reputation for providing high quality services Geo-Info require accurate, robust targets for their work on GWEp.

Helen Barter, Office and Project Manager, explained how the relationship with JT Networks (JTN) began when Geo-Info needed track monitoring targets: “when we started working with Amey on GWEp we decided we needed to use a different target”. At that time Geo-Info was using a 90° aluminium target with a reflective sticker on it; Helen said, “we just knew we needed to change what we were using, they weren’t good enough for what we needed”. Researching alternatives one of Helen’s colleagues found JTN and was impressed by the quality, price and robust design. “When we found [JTN’s targets] they were exactly what we needed,” Helen told us. After proving themselves superior to other targets on GWEp Geo-Info decided to use JTN’s targets for other projects; Helen told us, “we have used [JTN’s targets] on Crossrail now, we swapped to using them on our other projects including Edinburgh–Glasgow”.

As well as continuing to use JTN’s track monitoring targets, Geo-Info and JTN have developed a strong business relationship – recently JTN and Geo-Info shared a stand at the TransCityRail conference. JTN values the ongoing relationships it has with clients; this includes big names such as Carillion, Amey and ABC. Helen expects the relationship with JTN to continue: “any other track monitoring work we’ll be using JTN”.

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